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Friday, April 30, 2021

Recognizing the Donors That Make The Women PeaceMakers Program Possible

Written by Kroc School

On April 22 we hosted the annual Women Peacemakers event. The four Peacemakers shared their experiences about being at the forefront of building peace and advancing justice worldwide. 

Together with local women peacebuilders and renowned international women, peace and security organizations, the Kroc IPJ identifies the most critical peacebuilding challenges facing women leaders around the world. We then co-develop applied and actionable research to identify evidence-based solutions.

We ground-truth these solutions through our expansive global network of women peacemakers. It's these powerful solutions that drive progress to end cycles of violence and create lasting systemic change.

With immense gratitude we spotlight the donors who generously support this work:

Love what we’re doing? Become a donor at: sandiego.edu/peace/WPSgive

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