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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kroc School Student and Alumni Collaborate to Celebrate 15 Years of Energy Justice in San Diego's Communities of Concern

Written by Kroc School

On November 18th, the Barrio Logan community in San Diego united to celebrate the 15th anniversary of GRID Alternatives San Diego. The event, a unique quinceañera-themed celebration held at the vibrant Barrio Station, a youth community center that generously donated its space, commemorated the non-profit clean energy organization’s 15 years of providing renewable energy solutions in San Diego’s communities of concern. 

Led by a dedicated and diverse planning committee, the evening unfolded with laughter, celebration, community and staff awards, a toy drive, dinner, and dancing. Among the dedicated GRID Alternatives staff that organized the celebration were long-time community leaders and esteemed emcees Martha Juarez and Clovis Honore and the Kroc School of Peace Studies’ Dan Mueller, a current MA in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) student, Marissa Rogers ‘16, and Nic Munoz-Proulx ‘20, MAPJ alumni. This collaboration between a current Kroc School student and alumni exemplifies the enduring impact of the Kroc School's network in fostering positive change beyond the classroom and into the San Diego community.

Nic Munoz-Proulx (MA) ‘20, GRID Alternatives mascot Sunny,

MAPJ student Dan Mueller & Marissa Rogers (MA) ‘16

The celebration not only marked GRID Alternative San Diego's 15 years of dedicated service to providing no-to-low-cost solar to income-qualified San Diegans, but it also emphasized the importance of community and partnership in realizing energy justice. It reminded everyone present of the collective power to effect positive change, especially when communities come together around a shared vision of sustainability and well-being. In honor of this shared vision, awards were given to those who have made significant contributions furthering GRID’s mission of building community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy. Among the awardees was Dan Mueller, who was given the Equity Leadership Award for her contributions to advancing GRID Alternative San Diego’s Equity, Inclusion and Diversity efforts. 

“We are honored to award the Equity Leadership award to Dan Mueller. She keeps equity issues salient for our team, and is a trusted leader for hard-to-handle conversations. She has shown all of us at GRID Alternatives that systematic change is possible,” Martha Juarez said.

Kroc School student Dan Mueller accepting the Equity Leadership Award

from GRID Alternatives Co-Founder & CEO Erica Mackie

The Kroc School's influence extends far beyond the classroom—it reaches into the heart of communities, where passionate individuals like Dan Mueller, Marissa Rogers, and Nic Munoz-Proulx can work together to create positive, lasting change while celebrating the impact they’ve made. It’s a testament to the Kroc School’s students and alumni shaping a world rooted in peace, justice, and collective celebration.

To learn more about the MA in Peace and Justice program, click here.

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