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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gratitude for our Kroc School Named Scholarship Donors

Written by Kroc School

Gratitude for our Kroc School Named Scholarship Donors

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

As the 2020 academic year comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank the numerous donors to our Kroc School student scholarship fund and to the donors of our named scholarships:

  • Grillo-Marxuach Family Scholarships - Antonio Grillo-Lopez and Maria Marxuach-Grillo
  • Paulus Peace Scholarship - Maha and Al Paulus
  • Darling-Andreu Peace Scholarship - Justine Darling, Christian Andreu & Viccie Makarczyk
  • Katherine Francola Peace Scholarship - Elizabeth Hansen
  • Gerry Bush Scholarship - Patricia Marquez and Michael Bush
  • Ramirez Family Scholarship - Camilo and Renata Ramirez
  • Wasson Social Innovation Scholarship - Wes and Heidi Wasson

Donors to the William Headley Endowed Scholarship:

    • Wayne and Barbara Coleman
    • Hannelore Ciccarelli
    • Janice Deaton and Blake Harper
    • Todd, Lil and Sara Johnson
    • Charles and Jane Niemeier
  • Rotary Foundation

Given the current state of the world, what is more important than building peace and justice? With this in mind, we want to thank our donors for joining the Kroc School in its mission of creating a more sustainable, peaceful and socially just world. 

“Thank you to the donors of the Headley scholarship. I really appreciate it a lot and it made a difference in my graduate education.” - Kendahl Kelly, MAPJ 2020 graduate, and recipient of the William Headley Endowed Scholarship

Kendahl Kelly and Bruno Boniface Onencan, MAPJ 2020 graduates and recipients of the William Headley Endowed Scholarship

How Scholarships Make a Positive Impact for Students

The Kroc School believes the greatest investments are the ones we make in people with the passion and the courage to create change. Peacebuilders and social innovators should not be stopped in their journeys to create better societies because they do not have access to strategic networks, new knowledge and training. 

Cristina Dabdoub, MASI 2020 graduate and recipient of the Wasson Social Innovation Scholarship 

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a big difference in the education of peacebuilders and social innovators. International students from conflict-affected and underdeveloped countries, as well as U.S. students from low-income families and struggling communities, are in great need of scholarship support. Scholarship funding makes a difference in their lives and the places they will serve.

For more information about giving to the Kroc School’s scholarship funds or about starting your own scholarship, please contact Laura Stein (lbstein@sandiego.edu).



Laura B. Stein
(619) 260-4146

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